Join the debate on the future of TV and OTT

Nextv Series Brazil features panel discussions and one-on-one sessions with high-level executives to provide strategic insights into the latest TV, Telecom and OTT trends to enable you to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

Key topics across NexTV Series Brazil 2019 agenda include:

  • How to compete with OTT Pay TV offers
  • Opportunities for OTT services in local markets
  • How to launch a new OTT service at low cost
  • Migration to FTTH or 5G
  • OTT STB and new streaming devices
  • Add-on channels and new bundle models
  • OTT services and add-on channels as new “premium” models
  • Pay TV services and VOD add-on channels
  • Virtualization and Cloud TV
  • Android STB: yes or no?
  • Is it possible a future without STB, using Smart TVs?
  • AI and Smart Home
  • DTH , IPTV or OTT: best platform approach
  • Mobile + OTT: advantages of mobility
  • Traditional Pay TV offer or OTT aggregation?
  • How to upgrade networks for video services
  • How to reach a larger audience with online contents
  • Social video strategies to increase engagement
  • Monetization in social media
  • A new way to watch TV?
  • OTT models for FTA TV: subscription and advertising
  • OTT as an international distribution strategy
  • Multiscreen monetization strategies
  • Catch up and add on channels
  • FTTH vs. deep fiber
  • WiFi as the core of the connected house
  • New Smart Home applications
  • Ultra-broadband offers and packages. 4G and 5G
  • Complement or competitor?
  • OTT services and add-on channels as new premium packages
  • Simplification and death of traditional channels
  • The growth of streaming devices

Full agenda is available now.


Over 35 executives from the key players in the industry

will speak at NexTV Series Brazil 2019

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